Coercive Control

Like the Corona virus, you can’t see it, yet it destroys lives and many have died. Like the Corona virus, it needs to be stopped, else it will destroy more lives, young and old, rich and poor and many more will die!

Strategy not energy! Coercive control sucks life strategically: manipulating, intimidating, dominating and controlling with the victims giving in against their desires, confusingly convinced to do what the perpetrator demands! A small chance away from the perpetrator, lets in some light for reflection, “why did I give in?” Sanity is restored, like respite from breathlessness and fever, but short lived till the symptoms overwhelm rational thinking again and the cycle repeats!

The Corona pandemic has made it more challenging for domestic abuse victims, with no respite from abusers in the home. Those with controlling employers may have a break, though working from home does not disentangle from the powerful tentacles of controlling bosses! Longstanding emotional abuse may be compounded by physical abuse with the pandemic lockdown.                     

BBC News – Coronavirus: I’m in lockdown with my abuser

There’s no simple solution for this complex issue, no one size fits all! The need to keep safe is paramount! Beware of coercive control, it’s damage by strategy not energy!

Look out for warning signs in friends and family members. Reach out to support with safety in mind. Encourage engagement with professional help and safety in mind.

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