Conform, Reform or Transform

She expressed thoughts of having become “the person I was not“, it resonated with us all. We marvelled how we had changed so much, having endured all sorts. For better or worse, was not discussed, but each person had transformed. There was a clear difference from many years past, when the journey had began.

Life journeys at work, at home or play, with family or with friends, impacts us all in various ways for better or for worse. A bid to preserve healthy state may result in the need for change, for health, sanity or safety’s sake, the good of one and all.

The Emotionally Destructive Relationship:

The question then went on to be, was it a change or birth? For strengths and talents may lie still, till adversity’s stirring comes. Then like an egg we may evolve, omelette, scrambled or hard boiled. It all depends what type of change and how long the forces stay. Some eggs transform to pretty cute chicks and some for “egging” used, depending on if its links bring nurture or torture near. Other eggs are transformed in more ways, like shells for scouring powder, making pots and pans to shine and many metals gleam.

Staying the same through storms of life, that without fail will come, may result in perishing or other lives destroyed! Yet, sometimes we may need to stay the same to uphold good values, no matter what life brings. There is great good for one and all when comfort zones are left to move in to healthier realms to keep safe, strong and sane. Discernment therefore is the key to know what’s best to do.

What factors help positive transformation? What relationships make you thrive? What associations need be avoided for healthy living?

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