Is It “Kindness” or Blindness?

It was “too late” before the young girl realized she had been deceived. Her savings spent with not a penny left, by the young man full of empty promises. She had had no reason to doubt at first but warning signs flashed, which she ignored.

Embracing kindness and excitement at kind acts, is deemed a normal response. There are times however, when gestures of kindness are turned down for various reasons. Beware of hidden agenda!

I love the Nigerian phrase “shine your eye!” Kindness has been known to be shown by people with evil motives. Well presented persons coming to the rescue of people in vulnerable situations then kidnapping them for a ransom. Grooming is generating increasing concerns and children being exploited by being given goodies or showing them acts of kindness, only to be sexually exploited, radicalised or recruited into drug dealing schemes.

Vulnerable / Traumatized recipients: Acts of kindness may unfortunately be turned down if wrongly perceived to be deceitful. This has been known to happen where there’s emotional injury and perception of good is altered. Like a visual impairment, kindness is erroneously seen as wickedness, due to triggers of a traumatic event, still unresolved. In the same token, past trauma should not prevent one from missing out on true kindness.


Attempts to control is not an uncommon reason for kindness being shown. This is usually by people pre-occupied with their own agenda and theirs alone. The detriment to others to them is irrelevant, the only focus is that which they seek to obtain: control. Innocent victims may therefore be less discerning when the true reason for the kindness is not apparent.

It is important to appreciate kindness, but more important not to be simple minded, noting ill intentions may be well packaged to cover up evil!

Is this act of kindness real or a means for a deal?

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