Dare to Be Different

Expectations abound and vary, of any individual, but who has the authority to decide how a person chooses to live their lives? Everyone has a unique DNA, designed for a specific purpose. The beauty of life is therefore in being what one is designed to be.

Lions are not meant to fly, goats are not meant to sing, horses are not made to crawl, trying to live for a purpose one is not designed for could therefore be heading for disaster or making a fool of oneself.

Pursue your passion whilst making the most of whatever your hands find to do! 

Cats dislike water, but will swim if the need arises. Finding oneself in an undesirable situation should not result in giving up on a potentially fulfilling vision. It’s important to stay alive in pursuit of one’s passion.

Dare to be different! 

Great achievements are known to have often been birthed people who refused to follow the crowd. The pull of their vision resulted in deviating from the norm. The price for extraordinary living is refusing to be ordinary and being happily bold to be different. We were all made to be unique so fulfilment is in being you!

Be the me I want to be

Be  Original!

Be different! 

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