Delusions are said by shrinks to be beliefs that are false, unfounded and fixed, seeing things for what they really aren’t, convinced against the reality.

The deluded therefore will without doubt, take steps and acts out of the ‘norm’ unfortunately may harm others and self too, going beyond borders of what is true as tools for good are wrongly used.

The lack of insight makes it harder for the view is different with this mind disorder. Help is needed to fix the mind’s eye and the healing time therefore may take a while. Support for life with healthy links is a great help.

Embracing a lie for selfish gain, is not a delusion in any way! And rather a choice to grandeurize self to the detriment of others that are determined not to matter!

Stinking thinking begets revolting living. Illusions of power allowed in depriving others of life, love and freedom is the paving of a sure path to self destruction!

Delusion or illusion?

Lies clutch the heart with shackles unseen, when truth which frees is disregarded: tightening, choking, forming callous, till the confused mind deprived of life, bears fruits of deceit with forceful acts, depriving others of life and love and liberty!

These ill ideas when it’s of power, forgets the hour when friends will gather and the body at which men once cowered, is showered as ashes or put in a container or down below it may be lowered.

Preoccupied with power and not the good of any other, many have come and gone, some yet to be born. Like Pharaoh, Hitler and religious leaders, It’s still ongoing this wielding towers – institutions, corporations organisations, various covers. All run by humans, oh! the chance will not be forever…There is only one Power that is forever… #Truthlives #GeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter

What is truth? What illusions have I embraced as “truth”?

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