Do Daily

The future surely has to be better than the way life is now. Truth spoke clearly and firmly, “nothing’s going to change if you do nothing”. I didn’t like the thought of nothing changing, but I had learnt to respect Truth. As I thought more on those words, I heard Wisdom gently say, “do daily”. Hmm…”Do what daily”, I asked?

I soon recalled the saying that if you aim at nothing, you hit nothing. The “milestones” I had attained had been from setting some goals, or really just pursuing desires, for goals were not always defined . If the future needed to be different new goals were required to be clearly set for the desired future.

Success, is defined by some, as the cummulation of daily habits towards a worthy ideal. The desire transforms progressively into reality, with related daily habits.

Writing the goals crystallizes the ideas and gives more clarity to the desired future. The daily activities may be crawling initially. The exercised limb muscles gradually get strengthened to walk, till you find you are running. Time passes quickly as you “do daily”, and the future comes with you embracing your dream.

What worthy ideal do I desire? What is holding me back from moving towards my dreams for better living? What steps am I taking daily towards it?

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