Embalming Pain, Embracing Gain

How do significant life events or the passage of time influence your perspective on life?

There were many fruits I noted, as I walked through the orchard. Some were edible and other not. Some I touched, moved by curiosity, and discovered they were prickly and painful to hold.

As the years have progressed, more lessons have evolved on things that I may have done differently. There have been reasons for regrets, and yes, moments of thinking different decisions could have yielded better outcome, but who knows?

The past cannot be retrieved. It’s gone like rotten food, disintegrated and become compost, fit for growing not ingesting –
Providing nutrients, if allowed, for new life to grow.

One fruit that I have held on to walking through the orchard of life is acceptance – it never rots and infuses peace. I cannot change the past. The decisions I make today have a profound impact on my future. The quality of my decisions will be determined by the state of my mind. Hence the need for minding my mind.

My Mind Matters

Guard your heart with all diligence, for it determines the course of your life. Proverbs‬ 4:23

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