I sat smiling to myself, my heart filled with excitement. I may have looked weird, but didn’t care. The sneaky glances in my direction, would have imagined it was not about the food I was expecting. The waiter came along to let me know my order had to be changed, they had run out of my longed for request. Even that could not dampen my mood – my energizing joy was not from an outside source.

Emotions matter

Nothing could taint my joy! Good news had spread fast and it was really good. A friend got a job after years of waiting for her dream to become reality. I could imagine her relief, the thoughts of no longer having to settle for less, being able to meet her children’s needs as she desired, enjoying a career she had dreamt of from childhood, and so much more… It would have been out of order to dance in the restaurant, It took a lot not to, so did a little jig later as I walked out.

I remembered I had to get back to the garage where my car was being fixed. Ouch! I wondered what the bill would be, in a season of my minding every penny. My joy surpassed the threat of the bill on my bank balance. Imagining all the good things relating to the good news still kept me smiling. I made a choice to acknowledge the things I needed to do, and stayed my focus on joyful news.

Your thought tank holds different issues. Some contents will energize and other thoughts paralyze with lethargy. Your choice of focus will determine if you’ll be singing or if your spirit will start sinking. Emotions can drain or increase your energy level. Various issues may stir different feelings, the choice for focus determines the predominant feeling.


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