“I have no faith” were my friend’s words, but this I didn’t believe. She’d walked right in and promptly taken a seat. She hadn’t checked in any way the seat had legs or was fit to seat on. There was nothing to confirm in any way her safety was ensured. Her trust without any evidence we both agreed was faith!

She’d also driven down the motorway where often there had been, many cars and trucks crashing, for which lives had been lost. She had driven down without a doubt that we would meet as planned, for had she feared that she would die, she sure would have stayed back. To this, again we both agreed she surely had shown faith, trusting she would attain her goal of arriving at her desired place. Her trust was in spite of the fact she could have crashed and died along the way! Again, as we both reflected this was without doubt FAITH.

Faith is exercised in different scenes and often daily too. Taking flights to unknown places, relationships including jobs, various types of investments and faith in many other ways. Every man therefore has a measure of the substance called faith. The use to which it is put determines what is reaped.

Faith is NOT physical evidence, for then it would not be faith! Faith to good use is confidence of positive desired outcomes, though doubt and fear threaten. It is the assurance for what we hope, evidence of that unseen and confidence when reasoning says contrary. It therefore at best, a force in life that doubt and fear resists. It is the power that pushes on to sail joyfilled through life and may be detrimentally used as confidence in fear.

Faith forges on in confidence, towards its focused goal, assured its dream is no different from what may seem real to most. Faith at its best, is not deterred by fear or doubt and and when used with the best at heart it transforms lives for good!

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