Familiarity Feeds Comfort

It was tortuous but one knew what to expect. It seemed better to stay with it than stepping into the unknown. The challenge was how long the familiar distress could be tolerated, before things decayed further. Could things really be worse than this?

Change may often be difficult to embrace, with fears of the unknown holding more challenges. The unknown may however be filled with better and greater opportunities, which staying with the familiar prevents one from experiencing. I hear the question, “but what if it is worse?” A risk assessment helps.

Remember your mind matters. The comfort of temporary gain may be nurturing seeds for long term pain. A question I often ask is “who is in the driving seat of your life?” Is it fear, anxiety, others’ opinion? Is the fear of embracing change, eroding your wellbeing in any or many ways?

Change may be what you need for healthier living. Help may be needed to make the change, like reaching out for a helping hand to step out of a sinking boat. All that may even be needed is making a decision and taking a bold step. Please remember, your life matters, so your mind matters.

Is your health deteriorating in any way, physically, emotionally, financially or mentally? Are you staying with familiarity because of fear and resisting hope? Do you need help to take a step or steps towards a healthier state of mind?

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