Focus On Gratitude

The battery is drained, the car won’t start. The engine has not been running and a light was on, slowly draining reserved energy in the battery cells. When life gets blurry, acknowledge the problem don’t avoid, but choose your focus and turn the mind fog to FOG – Focus On Gratitude.

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Focus determines emotions. Emotions fuel behaviour. It is said that energy flows where focus goes. Focus on purposeless activities, is leaving the lights on for no good whilst draining energy, like purposeless discussions and arguments. A switch may need to be turned off and sometimes another switch on.

Productive and positively rewarding activities, bring fulfilment, our mental and emotional batteries receiving more energy. A regular check on where focus goes will help in keeping our mind healthily charged.

Are you feeling drained or mentally exhausted? What is your mind focusing on? What are the things going well in the midst of various life challenges?

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