Fuel For Feelings

The mind is reported to think between 50,000 – 80,000 thoughts per day, suggesting at least 2000 thoughts per hour. Most of these thoughts are noted to be purposeless, like comments the mind makes about self or others, questions like wondering what would happen if the cat drove the car. Every thought uses energy.

Processing the thoughts requires energy, the availability of which is limited. Choosing what thought to process is therefore important, as part of measures to determine your mood and consequent behaviour. Thoughts of rejection or failure, if not directed positively, would easily result in depressive feelings. The thought you focus on fuels your feelings.

Yes, there are many thoughts scurrying by, some enticing your attention more than others. It takes effort to select which thought deserves your focus. The negative thoughts may be more demanding than the healthy thoughts, like news headlines. The positive thoughts may be less aggressive like treasure mines, requiring energy and skill to mine. Every skill gets better with use.

Focusing is a skill, involving effort that is sustained, so persistence is required as you exercise choice. Focus requires energy. Focus is more than a glance, more intense than a gaze and births results which may be positive or negative, determined by the object of focus. Choosing your focus, in choosing healthy thoughts, is energy well invested and the returns increase with practice.

What are you focused on now? Will your current focus be beneficial or detrimental to you or others? What would be best for you to focus on?

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