Freedom From Fear

The thought of all that needed to be done was terrifying. The time to accomplish so much seemed so short. The paralyzing fear of failing made it impossible to do anything. It was much a lot easier to sit and stare, let time roll by.

Her gaze caught her dad’s award ceremony picture on the wall. She recalled his passion for cooking, yet unrecognized for years. A weak smile eased her tense facial muscles, as she recalled that bright summer day. Her imagination put her in the limelight of the ceremony, being celebrated, and as she dreamed she felt energized. Hope was roused of success. She didn’t need to do everything at once. All she needed was a step at a time.

She felt encouraged by deciding to enjoy the process. The worst scenario was not making the high grades she desired, but she would have done her best and learnt a lot in the process. She smiled more, as her focus on her dreams intensified, and noted the hold of fear to weaken. Boldness rose in her. strengthening her thoughts to take the first step and carry on from there. She got up as she repeated the words over and over “I can and I will”.

What steps do you need to take towards your dreams? What words are you saying in your heart to fuel the steps? What affirmations do you need to change or make to realize your dreams?

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