Freedom is knowing what you are born for and pursuing its fulfilment with all you have as best you can.

A man persecuted for a cause he is passionate about is indeed free – he is on his journey to his chosen destination and the challenges are exciting with focus on his vision. Others who may be trapped by limiting thoughts or imprisoning beliefs remain trapped in unhappy states, desperate for something better but held back by unseen chains. Living in the shadows of apparent liberty, but indeed not free – a prisoner of life.

Let go of anything that makes you stop!

There is a price for any form of freedom. The costs may be funds to acquire knowledge, sacrificing dear relationships that pull back from desired healthy goals, mustering courage or engaging with support to stand up to injustice, the discipline of new habits, towards being all one is designed to be. The journey of life then becomes exciting, with exercising liberty and being truly free regardless of external circumstances.

What thoughts hold you back from your desired destination?

What needs to give, to pave a way for the onward journey to dream destination?

You were born an original, don’t die a copy!

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