I am very thankful for countless blessings yet keen on my future being happier and lots more fruitful than the present. I look forward to a happier tomorrow with less stress, more time, beautiful moments with loved ones and enjoying healthy relationships. I am aware for the good harvest I seek I need to sow the right seeds and nurture the seeds appropriately as they develop, to guarantee the type of harvest I desire.

The care of my seeds as it grows needs to be unrelenting, else my potentially bountiful dream harvest may not become reality. The type of seeds I sow, the care of my seeds, the perseverance with caring, ensuring the right environment for each type of seeds, are some of tbe key factors that will determine the quality and quantity of my harvest.

Failure to plan is planning to fail! What do I desire for the future? What type of seeds do I need to sow? What type of seeds am I sowing? What consistent activities are required to take me from seed planting to harvest? A MAP is needed. #MakeAPlan.

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