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about Wonuola

Wonuola is a Freedom Advocate and the Founding Director of Free-Realms UK, a service for empowering minds in every area of life. Her vision is for individuals and groups to fulfill their unique purpose and be fulfilled, in spite of life’s apparent limitations.

She serves her clients through speaking, training and coaching services. She also pens her inspiring thoughts on mind health in her blogs, articles for various organizations, and books including “minding my mind”. Her part-time work as a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist in the UK, develops her interest in neuro-developmental disorders.

Wonuola’s Freedom Talks on the first Friday of every month at 6pm:, has been positively life transforming for many of the attendees.

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How I Can Help You

In one way or the other, you have either adopted or resorted to unhealthy behaviours that impair healthy functioning of your mind. I will help equip your mind with healthy strategies, so you can live boldly and exercise  your unique skills and talents, to bloom the seeds of greatness within you, in spite of threatening apparent limitations.

Below are some of my programs to help you with your mind health. 

Mind Health For Students

Mind Health In The Workplace

Mind Health For Women

Mind Health For Parents

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The transfer of services or goods, for gain in various ways, usually money, is recognized as trading. None of the activities involved

The words hurt. There is no apparent justification for the condescending tone the reply is coated with. Anger stirs in you, at