How to Answer the Question 

A delivery driver keen on his job, delivered groceries to the wrong address, and insisted on payment from his employer who declined as the job had not been done! The driver had expended energy, delivered goods, done everything seemingly required but the final step was wrong. It was a wrong address. 

It’s like answering the wrong question in an examination and expecting full marks, or carrying out a different experiment to that required for a specific result.


Focus keeps us on track. Sustained focus guarantees results. It may be a weight loss program, an exercise plan, working towards a qualification or any other goal on life’s paths. Goals unattained are often a consequence of distraction and taking one’s eyes off the ball sometimes for a very short period. A moment of losing focus could easily get a train off track. 

Sustained focus is a vital key to attaining desired goals and enjoying a fulfilling life in every way! 

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