Immunity is the ability to resist a threat to health or wellness. The ability to resist successfully, requires a healthy defense system, akin to an army defending its nation. Situations however arise when an army is unable to wage war effectively, and gets easily defeated.

Overwhelming invasion by the enemy. Many people may for instance have been exposed to the Corona virus, but the body’s army (the immune system), has been able to fight and win, hence a relatively period of feeling unwell and then restoration to normal functioning. The admonition for staying home and social distancing, are part of measures to reduce the viral load by limiting exposure to the virus and prevent the army being overwhelmed and unduly defeated!

A tired army! There is a limit to how much a person or system can handle effectively, before the law of diminishing returns sets in. Excessive anxiety and fear are emotional weights, that overload the immune system resulting in the body’s army being weakened and too tired to ward off threats, or fight an invading infection. It is therefore important to engage strategies and exercises that allay anxiety. Parents may for instance need to choose the battles they engage in with their children, to preserve their emotional energy, protecting their army’s reserves.

A healthy army. The army needs to be fit and healthy, to engage victoriously in battles! Healthy eating, adequate rest and regular appropriate exercises, are some of the key activities the army requires. It is no different for the immune system, our body’s defence to fight infections and stay healthy!

Let’s keep fighting Corona, staying stronger together, as we wage the war together, taking care of our immune system, our bodies’ armies.

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