Warning Signs

Mind your mind

The journey is long, the body weary, there’s a deep longing to get to destination quickly. The body says stop, I need to rest, a thought says keep going, you can do it! The voice of tiredness is disregarded, the urge to carry on allowed to rule, in spite of quieter thoughts that safety limits have been exceeded. Signals disregarded may cause avoidable harm!

The amber light comes on, a thought says just a little more. The light goes red, anxiety increases, fear follows, the risk of significant harm escalates and some parts of body or life gets damaged. Other innocent parties may also come to harm…unfortunately sometimes irreversibly. How far should one stop stretching before it gets harmful?

Keeping an eye on health indicators, helps prevent breakdown, physically, mentally and emotionally. “Mind your mind” is often said, and this will help in minding one’s life! Feeling tired, irritability, excessive eating, headaches, declining productivity may be some signs the body’s battery needs recharging or some oil need topping? Know your capacity, know your limitations!

Warning signs begin to flash when reserves start running low. The body may flash amber before it goes red and comes to a stop! Keep your mind healthy, mind your mind to take good care of your life.

What are your warning signs to stop and refuel?

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