Is Consistency The Key?

Goals are often expressed at the start of the year, with a determination to fulfill them this time around. Soon days begin to fly past, with thoughts of going back to the drawing board. Consistency is said to be “the key” for attainment, keeping at it till destination is reached.

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Parts were missing along the way, resulting in going back to starting point. Tracks already well laid had to be dismantled, recognising risks due to some missing links. It was agreed that more time should have been spent in PLANNING. Consistently laying down the tracks with the errors in place, had become wasted time and effort. Consistency had not helped so far.

Estimated time of arrival (ETA)kept being changed, as energy kept waxing and waning. Workers were often distracted by issues that had not been addressed at the start. Alternative routes had not been discussed should obstacles arise, so attrition overtook intensity. With INTENTIONALITY no longer present, ETA got totally deranged. Being intentional every step of the way matters.

Allowance for adequate rest helped team B recharge their batteries and plod on. A time of rest re-energized bodies and minds to stay on course. Laying back or LATENCY was considered to be a key in the journey to desired destination.

Many OTHER factors also count including helpful others, like an accountability group. A dream is said to be not be impactful enough, should others not be needed. It’s like any great recipe with not just one ingredient but other factors required. Various inputs, others’ skills, multimodal approach or multiple systems help towards a rewarding outcome.

Light bulbs were not put in the building, while the foundation was being laid. The TIMING of ingredients being added can make or break the cake, same applies to intervention to mend a body or soul. The processes in the best of plans need be implemented at the appropriate time.

Consistently thinking P-I-L-O-T, Planning, Intentionality, Latency/laying back, Others and Timing as important factors to ensure, helps realize desired goals. All five points kept in focus like the fingers on the hand, grasp the dream or goal till fulfilled. Consistency may be a key but on its own it’s not the key.

What do you consider your life purpose? What can I do to add value to others daily? What do I need to change to add value to myself and others?

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