We sang our school song with joy and pride: “…Education is the best legacy, that’s what our motto says, so we pray to God to guide and bless as we go on marching on.” Onwards we have all since marched on, to different areas of life, various parts of the earth and beyond.

The word Education comes from the Latin words Educare, Educere and Educatum. Educare means to nourish, bring up, rear, train or mold. Nourishing or bringing up a plant would be to feed and shield it towards attaining its fullest version.

Educere means to draw out or lead out. This recognizes the innate unrealized potential in a being. The Educator, as parents, teachers or carers, puts the necessary steps in place, to enable a child, for instance, grow into the fulness of individual unique ability.

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Educatum is what is externally provided to enhance the drawing out of latent gifts and talents. Instructions and guidance are given, for development alongside growth. This ensures fruitfulness of the unique seeds recognized by the Educator.

An eagle behaving like a chicken, has clearly missed out on its education, or some part of it. A persistent feeling of dissatisfaction may be a signal that your innate giftings are desperately seeking expression. You may have been moulded to conform to societal expectations. Have you been filled with information rather than supported to fulfil your uniqueness? Who are you?

Education is the process of enabling you to be the best version of you. Penguins aspiring to be eagles will inevitably live in frustration, as would eagles living like penguins. Education enhances the growing into unique fulness. The best legacy is indeed the freedom to be YOU – You Own Uniqueness.

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