Is Education the Best Legacy?

Having a formal education to the highest degree attainable, in the highest ranked institutions, doubtless opens doors for great opportunities and a high standard of living. I can’t however help noting many individuals without a formal education who not only live a life of stunning affluence but have also been able to sponsor life transforming projects, empowered by knowledge and grit!

Is education therefore the best legacy? It is important to define what is required from education: knowledge, inspiring association, enhanced ability to think and maximise unique abilities.

Knowledge acquired and not exercised is fruitless! Knowledge is the food for any successful endeavour, understanding the process for effective application of knowledge. Maintaining the process to ensure sustained productivity and a continual harvest of healthy produce requires perseverance.

Staying focused on a vision, helps persevere in the continuous acquisition of knowledge in the relevant area whilst exercising knowledge acquired.

Knowledge is the bunch of keys, no matter what container it comes in institutionalized or self taught. Understanding is knowing the process for the keys to work. Perseverance is the strength never to give up as one door leads to another of greater opportunities…..

Education is said by some to be the best legacy, yet any thing of good value not used purposefully in adding value to self and others is not profitable.

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