Beauty in brokenness, but not from the start. Remoulded by the Potter, though perceived by others as trash to discard! It once had its use, till life dealt it blows; misused, abused, displaced then replaced, it seemed in the world it no longer had a place!

The Potter saw so much more, awesome beauty in the brokenness, that no other perceived. The Potter knew the value even in the broken state. Of course, His insight was no wonder, for He was the Maker. It was He who had put the intricate details in, right from the very start.

So, with the Master’s touch, value was highlighted where worth had been eroding: trashed translated to treasured, with the Potter’s divine touch! Healing and wholeness, infused with light and newness of life! Refined, redefined and filled with new wine.


Named Kintsukuroi or Kintsugi, it became highly sought for and greatly treasured. Yet, without the brokenness, there would have been no room to mould in the gold, that made it uniquely ‘bold‘.

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