Knowledge is Power

Some say what you don’t know won’t hurt you. it is however true that what one doesn’t know can hurt.

Several years ago, I attended a wealth creation seminar with a friend who had more experience of the business world than I did. Trusting my friend’s confidence to invest in this unfamiliar territory, I consented to investment plans without understanding, lacking the required in-depth knowledge for high risk financial investments. I soon learnt the true meaning of “buy cheap, buy twice! ” We had gone ahead to invest without adequate knowledge, after an introductory seminar and soon had our fingers badly burnt! It was A bad experience that made me appreciate the value of a proper education. A healthy education has a healthy price attached to empower in obtaining healthy results and avoid pitfalls!

Knowledge indeed is power! To succeed in any venture, knowledge is required and not fragments of it. The increase in relevant knowledge increases the strength to attain the desired goal(s).

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