The key word is to “know”, which is having insight in an area resulting in the ability to resolve difficulties, advance and attain a relatively greater height in that field, that others have not.

Knowledge can be likened to food for the different parts of man’s tripartite being. The body requires food to grow, the mind requires knowledge, and the quality of knowledge acquired by the mind determines a man’s intellectual and to a significant extent his emotional development. Knowledge of the spirit realm also determines spiritual growth, this may be growing in light if imbibing truth or getting deeper in darkness with deceptive messages, that steer away from the light. 

Knowledge needs be specific. Knowledge about health will not address financial difficulties, nor will knowledge of estate development specifically address marital difficulties, unless there is a link?? 
He that increases knowledge increases strength! Any area of weakness or stress in one’s life is empowered by seeking specific knowledge of the challenge, understanding the relevance to one’s respective situation and implementing the necessary changes, which usually is a start of a journey to wholeness in that area! 

Success Principles
Increase knowledge, increase strength! 

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