Life Happens

Perfection is imperfection in the process of being perfected…enjoy the journey! 

No matter how best one tries to realize a perceived ideal, not infrequently, life happens. A seemingly perfect family and a wayward child, a healthy lifestyle in every way yet illness strikes, a thriving business suddenly failing due to unforeseen politico-economic changes……life happens!

The healthy core must be preserved so when things fall apart on the outside, the intact core can rise and rebuild again, building even better with harnessed precious hard earned experiences. 

Berating oneself  and rueful thoughts are often damaging, why cry over spilt milk? Reflecting to learn how not to let the milk spill again, is a healthier state of mind.

 Regretful ruminations is akin to eating rotten food, poison to the soul! 

There’s still time left for better leaving, best not wasted and healthier enjoyed! Life happens, life was made for man not man for life. Use life and its events to live better, build better, love more, laugh more!! Live free and fulfilling…..filling lifetime with life, love and laughter, for whatever you do life happens! 

Live free! 

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