Life, Living and Legacy

Fear began to seep in, gradually overwhelming any attempt of rational thinking. The fear of life ebbing fast intensified, as the breathlessness worsened. There had never been a concern for the need to breathe, deemed “natural”, till now. The thought boomed in her mind, “Life is a gift” and it was about to expire!

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The gift had been given at conception. It’s awareness increased as the foetus developed. The impact could be seen with the pulsations of the tiny heart on the scan. It was an awesome moment, seeing the limbs and the little form moving and exciting to hear the thudding of the heart, made louder by the sonographer’s added effects. The gift holder later emerged, and the use of the gift on earth began. Who knows what the future holds?

Initially the focus was survival, instinctual desire for food and nurture, manifesting in crying. With growth, interaction with the earthly environment increased, helping the gift holder integrate. Gradually there was a deeper need for more, the gift could not be contained and needed to be expressed. Uniqueness was unsettled being put out of place, craving desperately to be what it was designed to be, as time was ticking on. It noted that no two people on earth are designed the same, evidenced by unique fingerprints, differing gifts and talents. Each gift had a unique purpose to fulfill, towards brightening the darkness on the global plain. 

The dancer was agitated in the role of a lawyer, the writer was distressed with being a chef, the speaker frustrated as an accountant, the doctor unhappy being a miner. The world was chaotic with misfitting of gifts, agitated beings caused disruptions in various ways. Living, the use of the gift of life may be abused, with the gift subjected to other use besides that for which it is designed. Attempting to get a horse to fly would be doubtlessly abnormal. Every gift has a unique purpose and purpose when unknown in any way, makes abuse inevitable .

Alignment with purpose fuels one with life, like putting the right fuel in the engine, you will enjoy the ride. Frustrations are minimized, accidents or scenarios that may impede the trip to the destination prevented when aligning with purpose is the focus. Alignment is a process and every stage best enjoyed by staying focused on purpose, focus fuels feelings.

The gift for all will expire, on different dates and times, regardless of when it was given and the package in which it arrived. So while it is still ticking, it’s worth making the moments count. Aligning life with purpose gives infusions of life, bringing unique fulfilment.

Who / what is spending your life? What are the things that fuel you with peaceful joy? What would you enjoy doing if there was absolutely no limitation?

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