Listen or Learn

I can never forget my first computer.

Listen, Learn and Lead

I was excites to own my own computer for the first time ever! My heart racing with joy, I was
keen to discover the new world my device was offering. Beaming ear to ear, I turned it on.

The battery charge, to my disappointment, quickly ran out. I assured myself that all that was needed was to alow it time to fully charge. To my dismay the full charge of my precious new toy still did not last up to an hour. The battery time gradually and rapidly shortened within a few data. Eventually I could only use it directly plugged to power.

Desperate to find out what could be wrong, I considered contacting the manufacturer. I turned to the instruction manual before calling – It clearly stated the laptop was not to be turned on until it had been charged for 24 hours. If only I had read the instruction!

Have you disregarded and had to pay higher price? What instructions could we all be disregarding now?
With mental health, there’s a need to take care of our bodies – eat well, sleep well, get enough exercise and guard our minds.

Taking charge of our minds is taking charge of our lives.

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