Meekness or Weakness

Keeping quiet when being unfairly treated, is not always weakness but may be part of a plan for a better life or greater good.

A king descends from his throne to live as a pauper. For love of a poor peasant girl, he puts pomp, wealth, power and majesty aside, for love’s sake! It was Incomprehensible!

Enduring shame, humiliation and physical torture till he died, was part of the journey, in the unrelenting pursuit of a relationship with the focus of His love! He did not give up till the price was paid for this relationship! He had a plan and his meekness in enduring so much, was not weakness but meekness!


Focus on greater gain keeps one going through pain. Apparent putting up with abuse and being seemingly foolish may not be weakness but meekness that is required to appropriately address the issue.

Thankfully, the King resurrected supernaturally, the peasant girl said “yes” to love and the greatest romance of all time began – Divine Romance! Meekness is not weakness! #divineromance #lovedivine #thekingandI #recklesslove #makeaplan #befreeindeed #eternallife

May the joy of the resurrected King be yours always!

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