Memorable Moments

The gifts are piling under the tree. Excitement is building as each day draws closer to the day. Anxiety is building too, for young and old in different ways. Fears may fill minds, including thoughts of things going wrong, mounting financial pressures, dreading expectations not being met and the seasonal hyperactivity being emotionally overwhelming!

Memories of a happy Christmas day celebration may be beautiful, but memorable days before and after add more treasure to our life banks, with more reserve to draw from in future days when our batteries get drained.

Remember, the opinion of others won’t pay your bills, so resist the burden of people pleasing and love indeed! Do what is best for one and all, regardless of what “others” think.

Creating precious memories does not have to be for Christmas day only! Do things to make every moment as happily memorable as you can. Sometimes this may require saying “no” and building your assertiveness muscles, memorable experience in emotional development and setting healthy boundaries.

Let’s create beautiful memories everyday and build reserves for rainy days that will surely come. Enjoy the moments of daily living, creative activities, music, your hobbies, learning new things and time meeting or zooming with family or friends, when and if it happens.

What is your focus this season? What activities allay your anxious thoughts? What helps you focus on positive thoughts?

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