What’s on your mind? The demands of daily living can result in missing out seemingly trivial information that add great value to relationships.

My daughter was delighted at my friend showing up unexpectedly at ours, to give her a pack of her favourite sweets. The brand was, in my opinion, too expensive so I only got it on special occasions or when there seemed a need to cheer her up. She was happily surprised that my friend had, during a casual conversation, a week earlier, noted her fave sweet, gone out of her way and taken time to get it from the only shop in the area that had it, all to put a beautiful smile on a little girl’s face and warm her heart. That to me is mindfulness, some may say thoughtfulness.

It brightens others days when you call or send a gift on their special occasions, especially when you are not expected to remember, for that says you had them in mind. Making time to spend together if desired or sending good wishes on anniversaries and special days, may touch hearts a lot more than one may sometimes imagine. Showing appreciation, little acts of kindness, may bring healing and change the path of a life or even lives. It’s always worth going that extra mile to make others smile. I dare say it infuses life!

Let’s make more effort in our daily walk to be mindful of opportunities to infuse love, light and life, and together make our world a brighter and better place. That’ll be mindfulness in deed! ❤️

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