My Culture

Speaking evil of the dead is not acceptable in some cultural settings yet most people may agree that right is right and wrong is wrong. Whatever anyone chooses to believe the truth will stay unchanged: thorns will not change to cotton balls regardless of anyone’s beliefs. So if we should not speak evil of the dead, should we not say anything bad about Rosemary West? Evil prevails when truth is silent!

Culture evolves and sometimes revolves. What should be upheld is the good and not the ills. Some ancient practices, if upheld, would cause much harm and fatalities. There are however lots of benefits in some traditional values and practices, that may have deterred evil doings we experience in our world today, had these been upheld. Right values have been disregarded with people placing a heavier weight on “my culture”, referring to practices they know nothing of the origin.

My culture” should be the culture fuelled by determination to uphold the good and abolish the bad. My culture should not just be practices and beliefs handed down from generations past, for some of these may have been beneficial in decades gone and detrimental in today’s world. The attire my ancestors wore may rouse concerns about my mental state if I dared don the same today. Transportation system for today should not be as it was in centuries gone, suitable for the culture then and not fit for now. Our culture should be a collection of “my culture” as individually and collectively we determine and persevere in upholding good and shunning evil, blending only the best of traditions.

What is “your culture”?

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