My Family

People around may be so nice but “they don’t get it”. The only people who seem to get it, are my friends ’cause they think like me. They respect my views, they know when I’m sad, but those at home show no respect for who I really am.

My real family is those who care! We may fall out from time to time, they’ll stick with me through thick and thin. I am happier living rough with them than in any posh house with mum and dad. “Home” really would be different if someone truly cared! Since no one cares, why then should I? I’ll stick with those who think I count!

They say they “we’ll do this n that” but really they’ve got no time, when they do it’s for what matters to them. All so busy doing their thing, chatting with friends but have no time..right! … but keep ranting about school, grades and boring stuff….! There’s nothing to show I matter at all, but with my friends I can count on ’em. So I’ll do my thing and stick with my mates, they are the ones who really care?

How does a child know you care? Presence, physically and emotionally are more valuable to a child’s wellbeing than any present!

A listening heart with a listening ear has been known to transform many lives!

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