Naked But Not Ashamed

Marriage is automatically linked with sexual activity, complete physical exposure with no inhibition.

A fulfilling marital relationship is the unity of spirit, soul and body. The mental interaction being the initial step to developing a spiritual union, when the two spirits/ persons blend into oneness. This is subsequently manifest, in the mutual decision of a physical union: internal unity manifesting as physical oneness, the relationship becoming whole.

Roots of hurt in relationships can be traced to defect in the internal union, with not being able to bare oneself to the other for fear of being judged. Appearances are consequently put up, in a bid for acceptance, leading to physical union preceding a wholesome spiritual union. Please get rid of fig leaves!

There is no fear in love! Perfect love casts out all fear.

Nakedness with thoughts and feelings without fear, should precede the uniting of the outer bodies, else it’s like a cake looking ready to eat on the outside but uncooked with fresh dough on the inside… not good enough to eat, yet appealing to the eyes!

Naked and not ashamed, spirit, soul and body is the template for a beautiful union, like it was “in the beginning”…❤️

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