One More Thing

There’s always something to do at the last minute! One more gift left to buy, a call to make, a message unsent… One last purchase before the shops close. One more thing besides getting needed rest.

There will always be one more thing to do, there will never be another you! It is easier for the mind to suggest one more thing to do, than to stop and rest, except the mind has been trained to pace itself.

Like an untrained puppy, the mind can pull in many directions until the body is spent and the mind itself drained. The risk is then is not doing as much as one could if healthily paced, or getting much done at the cost of health.

There will always be one more thing to drain your mind battery. Can it wait or be done without? Is that one more thing worth the price of your physical or mental well being? What/Who is spending your life? Enjoy the preparations for Christmas but please remember self care is not selfish!

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