Fish move in schools, cattle go as herds, ants as army troops, humans do the same. Teenagers are not peculiar, in this longing for acceptance and going with the flow, with a sense of not belonging, judged by not having trendy shoes or clothes.

Each human being is however unique, with a specific purpose to be on earth, like a piece of jigsaw that can’t take the place of another! Fulfilment is finding that role and living it to the fullest! A fulfilled life is not following the herd, not being average!



Being average is not optimising one’s potential. Daring to be different is stretching to greater heights!

Don’t settle for less, aim for God’s best, being all you have been created to be! No one can do that which only you can do!


My yoke is easy and my burden is light.

One would expect a burden to be heavy. N’est pas? A God given one is though said to be light. Does this imply if the burden is crushing it is not appropriate for the carrier. Even a donkey is not meant to be destroyed by its duties! 


I had been anxious through the day, had a payment dead line to meet by close of business the next day else various complications were bound to follow…

I struggled to focus all day, then all night could not sleep till early hours of the next morning! All day my head pounded, anxiety took over in an unbelievable way, all I kept doing was sighing helplessly. Usually I would have thought: what is the worst that can happen?, and would have imagined the worst, confronted it mentally after which it never even happened. Why was this do hard to deal with? My consolation was God could see my pain and His love for me was unchanging even if my unwise decisions had left me in a mess! 

Wow! A few hours to the time I gave up! I was not even going to try and sort it out. I would let go of fear and anxiety and let the worst happen. I would take life a day at a time, moment by moment. 

It was unbelievable! The moment I let go ideas flooded in, resolving the matter incredibly!! I felt light hearted as other thoughts for the future were consolidated. I really could have danced all night! I was now so excited and relieved that I struggled to sleep for joy of the weight lifted, despite being tired from the previous night.

It dawned on me I had burdened myself by taking on responsibilities beyond my capabilities! The burden was not Godly else it would be light.

Let go and let God! 


The monkey swung fast, from branch to branch, giggling, jiggling, leaping swiftly! It was having the time of its life, happy in the face of danger! It was literally in the tiger’s face, teasing, taunting, dangling one limb then another, within easy reach of the drooling tiger’s mouth, then swift as only a mischievous monkey can, the limb was whisked out of the tiger’s reach, and almost immediately, the monkey would leap away, only to start the tease -taunt cycle again. Crazy? Yes! Yet, such confidence, for the monkey was safe in its part of the natural habitat, and skilled in that which he was designed to do!

Laughing in the face of danger!!

A dolphin at sea would not surprisingly be ecstatic, but not a monkey! Every being belongs in the environment designed for it, humans no different. Seasons may require environmental changes and staying in the wrong place in any season could be very hazardous!

Peace in the fiercest storm

An elderly lady once told me how with her husband they experienced indescribable peace, riding on the open back of a truck with bullets flying about at repeated near miss, whilst doing missionary work in Botswana. She recalled the deep rooted and unshakeable confidence of being in the right place at the right time, in spite of life threatening danger. Such peace!

Life Purpose.

Living purposefully doubtless gives indescribable peace, inexplicable to the the world’s apparent measuring standards of success or happiness. The path to determining one’s purpose is to follow one’s passion!

Don’t swing on trees when your whole being is craving a swim in the deep blue sea!

Develop, exercise and enjoy your healthy passions, the key to purpose in life!

Love Divine

Love that will not let me go…The hymn that stuck to my heart for two weeks till October 7, 2014…

Suddenly it made sense why I had not ben able to get this hymn out of my head for so long. Had to check up the lyrics so many times, till that day on Oct7, when my heart kept screaming “No man Lord!”

Grateful for Love Divine……❤️

Jesus Christ, I am thankful you will never let me go, through all the changing scenes of life. The King of Love indeed my Shepherd is! Love divine all love excelling! Love that will not let me go…….🙏🏽

The Pilot

I would hate to be a pilot and suddenly have s passenger struggling with me for control. The result is likely going to be fatal. 

My father often said “every man is the architect of his own fortune”. Indeed, one’s present state is the result of past choices, regardless of influence by others or circumstances! 


Control of one’s affairs is taking ownership of responses to what life brings or offers, that is being “response-able”, otherwise known as responsibility. Life is in seasons, sometimes there are storms. Staying in control and not allowing fear, panic or anxiety to take over empowers one to be able to respond appropriately and win in life’s battles. No storm lasts forever.

This too shall come to pass!!!


Looking for something and getting all worked up is not an uncommon experience, only to find it in the most conspicuous place! My children laugh when I start looking for my reading glasses as they point out, “mum it’s on your head!” I have looked for it whilst I had it on!

Too often we drop some balls when we take on too many to juggle. Unfortunately the dropped balls may be the most important ones!! The planned activity has not started and the key balls are lost, frustration sets in, compounding underlying anxiety!  Joy is lost, fear gains more room, despair gets bigger- all for biting more than one can chew. Those we had hoped to care for are abandoned as the pressing need becomes managing distress before things get even worse.

One day at a time is not a bad idea!!

Taking on more than one is designed for is  stressful to the emotional and mental muscles, and detrimental to one’s whole well being!



The dream

The Dream…Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” is an inspiration to many. Indeed his relatively short lived life is seen to be purposeful, with a goal achieved, enviable in that he lived and died for a defined purpose. Life for many will probably be more meaningful could the reason for existence be identified and pursued.

A duck on land can be imagined not to be as happy as when wading in a river: a picture of no cares, as it drifts carried by the force of the water, seemingly living for what it was designed. Same bird dare not fly as other feathered fellows, who soar to heights unimaginable , where they find their fulfilment, fully filled with the joy of their existence as they live the life for which they were designed.

Human existence may be seen in much the same way. While some people are excited with learning and increasing in knowledge in a particular area of life, others detest the concentration required to imbibe information from comprehensive lengthy texts, yet find fulfilment in hands on creativity , designing fascinating architecture, furniture and amazing variety of fashionable apparels and whatever their minds dare to imagine. Creativity could therefore be manifest in aesthetics or we may enjoy the benefits of intellectualism in various ways. The benefits of various giftings harmonizing to make the world a better place, to the delightful fulfillment of the originators.

Well, rather happily be a duck in water than an eagle on water, or a fish in the sea than a fish on a tree. The question then is, “who am I?”, “what have I been designed to be?” These questions are best answered by soul searching responses to, “what positive activity brings me joy?” “what would I do happily, if all I had was being alive with a lifetime ahead and unlimited resources in every way imaginable?” Some have said “travel round the world”. The questions asked are after you have seen it all, you are young and energetic, with decades of years ahead, and all the tme available everyday- what would you be excited to do with your life time?

What’s my 10?

Life could be rated on a scale of 0-10. Zero being the worst life could be and 10 being blissful, could not be better in any way whatsoever. Some say 10 is unrealistic, what then is 9 0r maybe 8?


The starting point to any destination is identifying where one is now, as a navigator would request. Where on the 0-10 scale is one currently located? Identifying the starting point helps to know what routes there are to destination. The fastest route is not always the best, neither is the shortest route. The fastest route may be healthier for someone very energetic, and the delays on the slower route may be the exercise for developing patience for someone who is always in a hurry. In order to stay on course in spite of the challenges the journey to a specified destination, it is best to identify the healthiest route for each person. An active person aiming at a healthier lifestyle may require diet modification to get to 9 on a journey to a healthier body, whilst someone else may require more exercise.

ACT – Action Changes Things. Aiming at nothing gets nothing!

The starting point is identified, the goal has been defined, the route is known, what happens next? The journey of a thousand miles is said to start with the first step. Whatever the reservations, take the first step. Refuse to be anxious about the duration of the journey. Every step gets you closer to destination. Pre-occupation with what needs to be done rather than taking action will not get one closer, once the goal is defined and the route planned. The route may be changed at some point in the journey should obstacles come up. From current position what needs now be done is that first step
Let’s get started!

Bon voyage!!!



Trainers match weights with individual capacity, to avoid body injury or undue strain that may deter the trainee from continuing to engage. That’s wisdom!

It’s not infrequent that people take on roles, mental and emotional burdens that they are not designed for resulting in failure to complete a desired task or attain a much sought after goal.


There are some one personally has to do, but even that has to be well timed and not in excess of individual capacity. Taking on too much is akin to biting more than one can chew, with a risk of choking or other forms of avoidable distress, resulting in losing the benefit of what was bitten….bites of healthy things only are being considered😃


Don’t let anxiety of attaining a goal rob you of the joy in the journey!

One Life!

The promise of abundant life has always been my desire to experience in every way. As the years have progressed, I have regularly reflected on John 10:10 and wondered why my experiences did not appear to line up with “abundance”. Surely I must be doing something not quite right, having needs whilst longing to give so much more to others of apparently limited resources?

This thought has triggered my desire for a pursuit of the real thing, the truth! I am desperate to know the truth for a full life, fulfillment in every way, as I have also found out in my life and others too that erroneous beliefs hold people captive in every ally – financially, spiritually, mentally, physically ……

And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free! My dream is to be free, fully filled with truth that I can generously share with others and like a ripple effect set people free in our world!

I have been searching, I am still learning………sharing my discoveries and hoping  to learn from others too………….


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