A kind Act

I recall walking to the bus station in a semi-rural part of kent, in England. The road was deserted and as I was about to cross I suddenly noted a possibly middle aged man on the opposite side of the road. His long dark hair appeared unkempt, it may however have been his style. There were other features I had, ashamedly, judged him by. My unconscious bias triggered a thought: rough looking, sturdily built, he may have violent tendencies. Another part of my brain braced my anxious emotions and I deemed it better and respectful as I ought to all men, to greet him. His response was shocking!

He replied with a spontaneous “good morning” and immediately added, as he beamed in apparent joy, “Someone said good morning to me in England!” He seemed ready to dance as he walked on repeating with a glad tone, someone said good morning to him in England. My undoubted shocked expression transformed in seconds to a smile from the depths of my heart. I felt I had caught the same bounce in his steps. I had taken a “risk”, by talking to a stranger I had erroneously perceived to be a threat. I felt ashamed for misjudging him and was pleased my risk turned out to be pleasantly rewarding! He was happy and so was I and it had cost me mental energy that I could easily afford as well as earning a lesson to be less judgemental! I hoped the rest of the day went well for him and if it didn’t I had at least made a part happier and I was happier too!

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Theodore Roosevelt.

Little acts of kindness show people one cares. Opportunities abound daily to reach out in love: a truthful “how are you?”, a quick caring text. Show someone you care with a little act of kindness. It often costs very little if anything at all!



Keeping safe on busy roads is best ensured by staying in lane. It’s crazy to dart in and out from lane to lane without just cause- it increases risks of accidents! There sure are times when one needs to make frequent changes in life’s lanes – this is best done with not just eyes, but mind as well on road and plan.Journeys differ, and vehicles too. Starting points are never fully same. Destinations for all are so different and similar goals may offer different roles. When roles are same, strengths vary too and so do all our weaknesses. It therefore shows there’s no exact match for each one’s trip on life’s highways.

It’s therefore best to stay in lane! As changing lanes, for no just cause, is a waste of time and energy! Your “slower” lane may take longer but give the break your dear brain needs. If your lane be fast, enjoy it too, you may be gaining time before the delaying diversion ahead. Whatever life brings enjoy your lane and not change lanes for envy’s sake.

SAIL – Stay Always In Lane!


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I have often wondered about the passage in the bible where it states God hardened Pharaoh’s heart. Why would Love, that God is, harden someone’s heart.

Love has been defined, the verb part, as doing what is in the best interest of the object of its love. It recently occurred to me that had God not hardened Pharaoh’s heart the Israelites would probably have remained emotionally shackled in long-term slavery with worsening physical and emotional distress, than go forward to the unknown promised land.

Love is tough!

A healthy minded parent would do whatever it takes to relieve a child of distress or abuse in any way. Parents may ask teachers for more homework in a bid to ensure a child’s potential is fulfilled, employers may demand more from employees and this help in skill building. Exceeding healthy limits may be Pharaoh’s heart being hardened to provoke one to exit and move towards personal dreams being fulfilled. Love may therefore harden Pharaoh’s heart if the child of Love refuses to move out of an abusive atmosphere / system.

Many people deemed successful have been known to identify their turning point of rag to riches, shame to fame, pain to gain, to be the peak of pain in different ways: extreme poverty, base humiliation, peak of shame or emotional distress. Had their circumstances not been adverse there may not have been any motivation to exit to a healthier place.

The promised land is different for every one. Lush green fields it may be for some, yet for others a cosy place in a sky scraper. The “green field far, far away” as an old song goes, is as far as our minds imagine and often well within reach when the decision is made to leave the comfort zone.

To walk on water you have to come out of the boat~ John Ortberg

Walking on water, bound to be an exhilarating experience but requires coming out of the boat. Great opportunities may easily be missed out on for choosing to stay in comfort zones. Increasing distress may however propel one out of comfort to healthier places. When life gets tough, it may be the push out of comfort to fulfilled dreams, to being all God has designed one to be, entering one’s promised land!

Knowledge is Power

Some say what you don’t know won’t hurt you. it is however true that what one doesn’t know can hurt.

Several years ago, I attended a wealth creation seminar with a friend who had more experience of the business world than I did. Trusting my friend’s confidence to invest in this unfamiliar territory, I consented to investment plans without understanding, lacking the required in-depth knowledge for high risk financial investments. I soon learnt the true meaning of “buy cheap, buy twice! ” We had gone ahead to invest without adequate knowledge, after an introductory seminar and soon had our fingers badly burnt! It was A bad experience that made me appreciate the value of a proper education. A healthy education has a healthy price attached to empower in obtaining healthy results and avoid pitfalls!

Knowledge indeed is power! To succeed in any venture, knowledge is required and not fragments of it. The increase in relevant knowledge increases the strength to attain the desired goal(s).

Employment Ladder

Employment is a ladder, an exercise that develops mental capacity and individual skills. There’s always room for growth as opportunities and challenges abound, which may be deemed favourable or not on the journey up the ladder.


Strength may seem drained, physically, mentally and/or emotionally, and even at these times there are lessons that may be harnessed. The lessons in challenges if well captured, helps to make healthier decisions for the future. Lessons may be personal, from others experiences, management activities or the lack thereof.

The goal is the ladder is not solely for work and rather a life ladder, for the journey is not limited to the organisation. The journey of life is an individual journey, the goal of life is individual fulfilment: developing into what one is created to be.

Enjoy your journey!


The why helps to stay on track for any goal. Distractions come, welcome or not, in various forms seen and unseen. The healthiest goals will be challenged too by distractions. The stronger the why for any goal, the easier it is to stay on track!


Each person’s why, for the same goal, may differ greatly and vary widely. One person may choose to lose weight, strongly compelled for healthier living, another may share the same goal to keep up with the Jones’. The strength of each why may be respectively strongly compelling and lose their strength if swapped.

Catch the fire!

Whys are therefore unique to each person, and each person needs to define the most individually compelling why to attain a specific goal.

What is my why for attaining a healthy weight? A deep soul search needs to be done for the most compelling why to stay on track against all odds- that way whatever the distraction I’ll be inspired to stay on track to attain my goal.

The best why needs be defined for each goal to fuel the fire that lights the path to the desire.

What is your why for a specified goal?

Is it compelling enough to stay on track?

Define the strongest why for each goal else you’ll go off track at some point!


It’s Christmas!

Love was born the first Christmas, God on earth clothed in flesh given the name that held His power “Jesus” the King above all kings!

His Kingdom unseen, His rule endless Creator of all as helpless babe It was no wonder the angels bowed And wise men worshipped the Lord of all

The Shepherds knew He was the Christ The one ordained to save mankind He came to die to pay our dues: The death penalty that Sin bestows

Once it was paid, naught else needed but to believe, accept the gift and then be free from guilt and shame Free to love, freed by truth, freed indeed!

The price now paid, yes fully paid His birth reminds us of His death, Without His death mankind is doomed For He alone gives life from death

And so His birth we celebrate Christ from the first mass for the masses came to give life to all who receive Him

The Real Examination

Life challenges can be draining, the current challenge usually most distressing. Once it passes may not seem as stressful for through each stress emotional and mental muscles are often better strengthened and resilience toughened.

The real examination is therefore not the hurdles but how one translates the impact of stresses on day to day living. The real examination is not the mock, like gym exercises determine how fast you run in danger: the real examination is the unexpected dangers we face.


The real examination once passed qualifies us for greater heights in the journey of life and each examination then a mock for the next real thing. So, it’s best to face life’s stresses with determination to sail through healthily for the next examination!

Healthy, wealthy, wise!


Success has been defined as the meeting of preparation and opportunity.

Life gives what we demand of it. Of course, time and chance happens to all in varying degrees, and adversity comes without invitation. Opportunities however abound and there are processes in place to attain great heights. Attempting to attain a goal without following due processes, is a futile exercise. A football player will not exercise tennis strategies to be a top player. There may be some mutual skills, like discipline, but each game as it’s own unique rules to be a skilled player. The training path of a cardiac surgeon is different from that of a General Practitioner. To excel in a field it’s best to play by the rules!

Young teenage boys dreaming of expensive cars when they grow up and not putting in any effort in education or a vocation , are by default expecting to drink orange juice by dreaming of an orange without doing anything. Demand needs to be placed on life like pressure on the orange to get the juice out! Wanting juice without squeezing is wanting life to give what they are not willing to pay the price for! If by chance they get what they want without the due process, the ability to keep it is bound to be lacking and they lose the gift. Guess who gets more juice from life’s oranges? The lookers, average performers or those who give their best?


Fulfilment in life requires preparation for desired attainments. Desiring the goal of a certain income bracket, requires finding out what it takes to earn such income. It could be new skills, new qualifications, new association or relocation.


Disappointment sets in when a desire is not fulfilled, or a goal not attained. It is difficult for life to position us for a role we are ill fitted for. Everything may be in place and just one attribute results in difficulty in appointing one for the desired life role. Preparation in every way as best as possible is therefore vital in avoiding disappointment in life. Don’t give into cutting corners, it will later come to bite as what is sown will be reaped!


Having done one’s best it may appear frustrating not to have a goal met. No one can do more than their best so do your best and leave the rest, making the most of the current situation till opportunity comes knocking again and finding you prepared Success happens!


Stress results when demand exceeds supply or availability. It may present in any area where any form of resource or substance is in more demand than is available or may be supplied. Stress could be financial, emotional, physical, mental or social. Some areas are more recognised as prone to stress than others.

Stress in one area easily reflects in other areas of an individual’s life. Family needs for instance, in excess of income, easily results in financial stress. The consequent lack of needs may then soon cause relationship difficulties in the home with the normal request for healthy interaction being too weighty for breadwinner who already is struggling with the pains of stretched income. Mental stress soon sets in with trying to make sense of the difficulties and devising solutions. Emotional stress often soon follows, with the varying unanticipated demands on mental resources and soon this may reflect in ill health, physically and mentally.

It is best therefore to manage any signs of strain in any area of life as soon as possible, before complications sets in with the stress rippling into other close areas, and gradually to a larger zone.

Self awareness is a key tool in stress management as individual stress markers vary widely. Knowing stress indicators for those around us at home, work or elsewhere helps prevent stress getting worse by nipping it in the bud.

Stress less else you’ll rest less!

Stress indicators may include loss of appetite, irritability, excessive eating, resorting to substance misuse, insomnia, social isolation and seemingly benign activities like unnecessary shopping ( ?retail therapy)

Health Check:  What areas of life is demanding more than one feels capable of? (social activities, relationships, career pursuit, family care…………)

It may be healthy to refrain, retreat or rest for a while.

Address the signs of stress you see, else it may grow fast and destroy lots!!