The Bitter Pill

The “bitter pill” refers to that which is beneficial but hard to ingest. This may be truth that needs be heard or distasteful medicine to treat an illness. The bitter pill may often need be swallowed for a healthier state. 

My face distorts as I recall being persuaded to swallow home made herbal drinks that tasted disgusting! The dark look of the drink with bits and tree barks in it made it even less appealing! 

The global challenge in availability and accessibility to orthodox healthcare has apparently resulted in the increased awareness of Homeopathic therapies. Herbal remedies are increasingly being promoted by multi-level marketing companies, medical doctors with research claims. Well packaged and tasty, most are appealing but may not be the real thing the body needs. 

Truth may be seen this way. Not necessarily appealing but is the needful. Rebuke from a friend may not taste so nice, but may deliver one from an unhealthy relationship or investment. Parental suggestions may not be trendy, like Swedish bitters, yet help ensure emotional and physical health. 

The bitter pill may be hard to take but worth swallowing if best for health! 

Right choices may not be trendy, healthy choices may not be tasty, that which is best may fail the test of popularity yet best for health! 

Wealth is Health! 

Signs of Life

Following a harsh winter, it was heart warming to see signs of a new season, warmer and brighter, signs of life as spring set in. Hopes of days out and about, in the coming months, brightened my face with a smile. Yay! Spring is here! Likewise, signs abound that may prepare us for things to come, or warning signs to avert danger. 

Signs of life come in various forms, positive and negative, and may be physical, mental, emotional or financial. Pain is an indicator of malfunctioning or trauma, and requires attention be paid to the related area to avoid complications. Pain could be emotional and help may then be needed from others to resolve the cause of the pain or other aporopriate measures put in place to ease the pain. 

Please do not disregard signs of life. Other signs could be feeling tired, a depressing bank statement, or positive signs like being elated or energetic. Positive signs need to be well managed as well, else a victory in an area could tip over to a damaging state. People have been known to have had financial breakthrough destroy them with the excitement of unanticipated earnings not well managed.

Signs of life need to be appropriately addressed to make life’s journey more rewarding and not depressing. 


Car engines have capacity, washing machines do too, computer specifications state the limitations, every human has varying limits else will stop to be.

It will deemed fool hardy that a man try to lift a truck, except of course in exceptional circumstances or under supernatural influence. There’s a limit to physical, mental and emotional capacity, it may be stretched but if exceeded may be fatal! Staying healthy requires keeping within limits. 

An overfilled tank will spill over, a crammed suitcase is at easy risk of bursting. Exceeding  mental capacity may result in inappropriate spillages, verbal or otherwise and illness is then perceived, 

Guarding the mind is of utmost importance, like not carrying excess luggage in a car lest it breaks down. A day at a time is a healthy way of life. Thoughts for the future should not be to the extent of weighing down the mind. Thoughts about the past should only be to withdraw lessons for empowerment. Today will soon be history, be thankful for another opportunity to live better, invest it, maximise it and enjoy it! 

The Answer

It is a common experience to find something you’ve earnestly looked for  when you stop. Answers to worrying issues often come easier to mind when one stops dwelling on it. Solutions to stressors are known to come to mind in the shower, like Isaac Newton’s eureka moment in the bath tub, just for stopping and the inner power prevailing.

The answer is always there, like radio waves and electricity. We only tap in when we tune in. Daily activities and the busyness of life, legitimate though they may seem, are distractions from tuning in to that which is needed for meaningful living. 

When the going gets tough or you sense in your every day life that yhinking is getting clouded and the mind feels under pressure, please stop. Stop as you would to turn on a switch, stop as you would to tune in to the right station. Make the small effort to stop for the answer. It’s the chill pill that strengthens you to carry on better – stop and tune in to the answer within🙏🏾

Tick, says the clock 

Life is for a reason, and once the purpose of one’s existence is being realised, living becomes more meaningful and less of a mere existence. I love the saying:           You were not born to pay bills and die!

Finding one’s purpose for living is a process, as it is in the search for anything- start where you are, with what you know as best you can. Like is a journey to a desired destination, there may be bumps on the way, accidents may happen, but focus gets one there. The destination may be uncertain, if so be the case, please enjoy the ride! Allowing stress, as it may threaten, does not make the journey easier or better, stress is a time stealer! 

​​Use it or lose it, life rolls on! 

How does one determine the right destination? Follow your passion whilst doing the needful. Do not pursue your passsion to your detriment, else at the end of the journey you may be too exhausted to enjoy all you’ve worked for. Tick, says the clock ….                               Every tick of the clock draws one nearer to the end of time. The inevitable is the reality for everyone. 

I was told that’s morbid thinking, yet the truth cannot be denied. 

Tick, says the clock, tick, tick…                     what you have to do, do quick!                   Quick healthy pace, please! 

Wealth is Health!!

Anger Management 

It was obviously unreasonable to expect the store keepers pull down the balloons set up to decorate the store, just to appease a demanding toddler. My toddler cousin was determined to have his way or all around would feel his angst! 

I had a choice. I could deliver him from causing an embarrassing scene by asking a shop assistant for just one balloon to calm the imminent storm, or I could let him go through with his storm which would have a time span anyway. No one cries forever! The benefit of not rescuing him was hopefully a lesson would be learnt, or at least the chance of it and he would gain the knowledge of learning better ways to manage his desires, met or unmet.

I continued walking away from the balloons and his screaming got louder. I resisted the urge to turn round as he progressed to rolling on the store aisle, yelling louder still. Carefully keeping an eye on him with quick glances, I ensured he could not see me. There must have been a moment of panic, for he suddenly rolled up and raced in the direction I had gone. At this point I kept walking, determined he would not know I had been waiting. I held his hand gently as he got to my side, no longer screaming, and without one look at him we walked quietly out of the store as he regained normal breathing……He pointed to the ice-cream van, still short of breath, when I softly responded it would have to be next time if he behaved well. He was silent, no tantrums.

I have been thankful for that moment, as since then we had many more trips together which he handled better. I ensured he was always rewarded for the subsequent good “behavioured” trips. It has been decades ago, and I have no doubt that was one of the exercises that has made him turn out the fine young man he is now, admired by many.

“Great wrath”

A person known for anger needs to learn you can’t sow lemon seeds and harvest sweet oranges! Any process that feeds that delusion enhances deceit that is ultimately destructive. Rescuing “a man of great wrath” from deserving consequences, is nurturing an unhealthy trait that could cause damage to him and others. Anger must be followed by its ideal consequences else others will have to unjustifiably expend their energy and resources to rescue the angry one.

Is it wrong to be angry? No. Anger should be within healthy limits, like anger at injustice. Unhealthy anger is that which is damaging! 

The ABC of success

Success in the pursuit of any goal, is effective progress. Success is a journey for which discipline is required to prevent regressing and enhance progress.

In mastering a skill, there are 3 easy steps involved till one becomes a Don! 

1. Admit there’s a need for change. The first step is acknowledging the need for the aspiration. It’s simple as 123 and ABC! Acknowledge the need/accept a change is needed. This is the first step. Any successful venture is initiated with an initial step. This initial step is the phase that helps overcome inertia- the resistance to progress or ease of remaining in a comfort in a familiar zone

2.  Bitesize Building. Momentum needs be gathered, gradually increasing progress to get to a smoothly running phase. The next step may be daunting so best taken in Bitesizes. Biting more than one can chew increases the risk of choking! A bite at a time, chewing well and enjoying the process is more enjoyable, healthier and likely to build stronger muscles for subsequent activities.3. Continuing Cultivates Culture. Success is a culture fuelled by healthy habits. Healthy habits are acquired by perseverance, also known as practice. Perseverance is required on the journey to any goal. Discipline is developed by keeping at the same act.                           Keep the process going.      

   Let go of whatever makes you stop!      

Every next phase of the journey requires another first step. Each step draws nearer to the final goal if one does not relent. There may be challenges and unanticipated hitches, continuing strengthens the muscles for the process. Keeping on against all odds, staying focused whatever the storm, helps stay in control to get safely to the goal! 

Keep on keeping on!! 

Is it bitter or better

Bitter or better may depend on the recipe but also the perception of the taster. The same meal may delight some as tasty and better than expected, yet others still may be angered at “how bitter!” It is similar with experiences in life.

Choice                                                              The outcome of any event is determined by choice. Adversity has been recognised to be traumatic, but trauma is also known to fuel the birth of great things.

Experiences in life may leave one bitter or better, it all depends on the choice we make and the path we take! 

Name Calling

In traditional Christian circles it is recommended that intimate relationship be not built with “unbelievers”. It is well known though that many who have ended up in relationships with “believers”, have been disappointed or even badly traumatised. The relationship unfortunately having been entered based on their perception of them being sincere as “believers” ought.

The other side of the coin is  relationships with people known for their sincerity, without the icing associated with “believers”.  Not uncommonly, healthy admirable relationships have been noted with an underlying fear of God in those involved and the lack of drama that religious circles associate with “believers”.

Who is a believer?

A book ought not be judged by its cover. Interesting reads may be packaged inattractively. Looking for substance and its indicators is therefore more important than making a decision based on others perception or based on the package. “Go low, go slow” is a good key to be safe. Go low: don’t get excited by what it appears to be, look soberly! Go slow: take your time, do not rush! 

Outward appearances are easily deceptive. A beautifully wrapped Christmas present may have nothing on the inside. Seek the truth, the true person, the real nature and not what is professed or others applause. 

Go low, Go slow for a happy flow!

Mind Over Matter

When life feels overwhelming, it helps to remember the battle is in the mind. Loss of control in any realm can be frightening and calls for reining in the thoughts that threaten our peace – the mind needing to rule over the matter. 

CHOICE.                                                  Impulsive choices are easier made and not as healthy as well thought ones. Overthinking may result though, in paralysis of analysis, just like overly processed food may lose its savour! Thoughts that determine healthy choices need be healthy thoughts. Healthy thoughts come from a healthy mind. It is healthyvtgeregore to ensure the mind is exposed to healthy stuff. What one sees, hears, tastes and smells determine the values upheld by the mind. Relationships therefore also have a part in what we value and how we think. 

There is therefore a need to guard our hearts, for out of it our lives are fuelled! 

Guarding your thoughts is guarding your heart, Guarding your heart is guarding your life!