Perfect For Purpose

The background was not perfect, the outline was not precise. The curtains needed adjusting, the lighting was too poor. The makeup was pale so recording wasn’t going to be perfect. The project was therefore put off for when every thing could be perfect.

Day after day, it lingered, waiting for perfection to happen. Those who could benefit lost out, as the “perfect” project was not delivered.

Yes, the screen lighting could have been better and there were many issues that could have been improved, but waiting for “perfection” made many people lose out. The delay for perfection also resulted in skills not being developed. Fine tuning any skill is with practising and improving, once one gets going.

Perfection is imperfection at every point. A baby crawling in infancy, is perfect for that stage of development. A teenager’s mental agility would be surprising for a 2year old.

Perfection correlates with various stages of growth and responses to stressors, perceived or not. Keep feeding your mind to strengthen it, as you persevere in the journey to your dreams and goals. Remember to ensure appropriate rest too, to refuel your tank on the journey.

Getting started should not be hindered by wanting to make sure everything is perfect. Living purposefully is getting started as best as one can, with what’s in hand and moving forward as best as possible, with daily steps towards the goal.

What is stopping you moving towards your dreams? What daily steps do you need to take? What activities are you holding back for fear of “imperfection”?

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