Pharaoh’s Whip

The familiar is often easier to stick with than venturing into the unknown. Inertia may be likened to mental laziness, seeking to remain in a state of rest, or resisting a change in direction even when heading towards disaster!

It is no different in abusive relationships, as noted through the ages! The Israelites resisting deliverance from Pharaoh yet dying physically and in every way under his leadership, the domestic abuse cycle and toxic relationships. Many stay in toxic situations that suppress their potential to bloom and make the world a better place, just for fear of embracing change.

The external force… Inertia maintains status quo, unless an external force acts on it. The required additional force to move forward, may be an intensified fear of loss, an increased appetite for emotional, financial, or other gain, or an increased awareness of doom or death. The pain you feel are lashes from Pharaoh’s whip reminding you the painful situation is meant to push you forward! Staying may result in more lashes to push you out!

What beautiful dream are you giving up on for fear of making change? Determine your why for overcoming inertia! Keep the why constantly before you, a mood board may be helpful. Our trials may sometimes be the additional force required to push us into being free indeed!


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