Practice Makes Perfect

I marvel at how speedily my thought shifts from being relaxed to “oh, I am so tired”, soon as a seemingly enormous task comes to mind. The same thinking process is applicable to what we are good at or not. “I can” or “I can’t” is usually the starting point! 

Catch that thought! 

Mastery of any skill is attained by doing it repeatedly, practice, practice, practice! Cycling, swimming, walking, driving and even taking on a new course or the art of confronting the most challenging task of the day first. The more one does it the better one gets at it, with time it becomes a habit. 

Keep a healthy pace! 

Milestones are achieved at different rates. Every individual operates in line with their time zone, so should it be with life! I would not get to work 8 hours late because I seek to be like people in smother country living I a time zone 8 hours ahead of mine. It is important to master any skill at a healthy optimal pace, not do it at others pace. 

Refuse to be deterred by seemingly precocious achievers. A fish was not designed to climb in trees nor a lion to swim. Aim for your desired goals at a healthy pace and with practice you’ll be happily home in good time! 

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