Prayer Inertia

The desire to pray is not uncommonly met with a resistance to engage in the process. Sometimes having set the stage, staying in prayer becomes a battle. Suddenly, everything seems easier to do besides praying, despite being aware it’s the right thing to do.

This is described by Newton as inertia, in this case prayer inertia. Discipline is required to advance in any worthwhile activity, and inertia needs first be overcome whatever the magnitude of the task at hand.

The joy of what lies beyond motivates to persevere till momentum is gathered and one begins to soar. It brings to mind activities one may not sometimes be keen on, reluctantly attends, and later feels excited and thankful for going. The decision to do what’s right or needed and stay with it, is required to reap the benefits of prayer or any worthwhile venture.

Once inertia is overcome the ride becomes increasingly less challenging, like a plane that is gathering momentum, till resistance is overcome as it ascends and finally it is able to soar. Persevering in the place of prayer, is required for overcoming inertia, to connect with the deeper wells beyond the physical realms, and break through to the refreshing depths.

May we be strengthened to pray🙏🏾

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