My friend responded “a fruit does not fall far from its tree”, when I moaned about my child’s mischievous behaviour. His smile was an apparent recollection of my behaviour being similar in my college years. 

Looking in a mirror does not always bring a smile to one’s face. There’s often something needing adjustment, usually something that could be better than it appears. The adjustment is best done with least frustration, else further frustration builds up! It’s like looking at an hairdo gone wrong! It is best therefore to put measures in place as much as possible, to prevent it going wrong.

Children, for example, reflect their environment, the same way every individual is shaped to a significant degree by what they have been exposed to. No child is born sweaaring or speaking a specific language. What each child speaks is the language the child is exposed to,?without being formally thought. 

The power of association should therefore be highly valued in the equation to determine one’s life purpose. Association with others matter, it is a waste of time walking with people going south when one ought to be heading north. Location is also important, it is a determining factor to what we value and it influences one’s outlook with the picture the mind holds. 

Evil communication corrupts good manners! 

Don’t undermine the power of association! 

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