Reframing Shame

Shame is its name and fame its game, but not the fame that helps your way. It aims to maim in many ways, often unseen in its parade, resisting grace, preferring blame. It seeks to suppress and reject that which is good.

Recognise it when it’s prodding, and let it know it has no space here in your lane. Adopting its name is adjusting your life to fit its game, your moves and talk it will then infuse and choices made will set you back from healthy living.

Who named you shame? You wouldn’t respond to a name not yours, so why embrace behaviours in line with shame and refrain from thoughts propelling you to be your best? Yes you may have “failed” in many ways, that doesn’t change your name to shame. Shame is not your name so please don’t take it on. There are other names you can choose from, including Grace, its opposite. Forgiveness and Guilt differs from shame and blame. You may feel bad for doing wrong, for which guilt nudges to reset your thermostat for a healthier choice.

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Mind your mind, for only you can do the part you must, like shaking off shame and stepping out of that frame. The past is done, never to return, so please move forward with lessons learnt. Reset the thermostat with the help of guilt, acknowledging what you would not like to repeat. Hold your head up lifted by grace, kindness to self and forgiveness. Shame distorts your frame emotionally and physically if allowed to stay. Step out of it by naming it for what it is, recognising it is not a reflection of you and re-affirming your worth and all the good about you. Repeated reminder of the good in you helps in moving forward to healthier state.

What is your name? What names are you adopting? What are you blaming yourself for?

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