Replay or Replace

An annoying thought keeps coming up. I press the replay button and dwell more on it. It infuriates me the more I think of it. I keep replaying till my head begins to ache. The replay button is now frozen, not surprisingly with being pressed so frequently. The thoughts persist freezing thinking and paralyzing attempts to do other meaningful things.

Engaging in a physical activity helped, so did watching a movie and meeting with a friend. These activities broke the chain of the persistent thought, for short periods. I later realized the recording really didn’t stop, the activity only distracted me for a while and gave some respite.

Back to this annoying thought, it seemed determined to stay. Until I know how and if I can be rid of it, I decided to keep it down by a weightier and healthier thought. Casting it down, helped a lot. I noticed it never left but became powerless.

Fighting the dark, like battling toxic thoughts, drains one’s strength and may paralyze. The antidote to unhealthy thoughts, is a healthier thought in the right dose and frequency too. So, remember to replace when replay threatens your mind health, and only replay the healthy thoughts.

What thought is on replay in your mind? What thought would be healthier to replay? What do you need to do for a break from an unhealthy replay?

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