Respect cannot be forcibly obtained, it is earned. Earning respect begins with respecting oneself, as self respect automates respect for others.

Every human being deserves respect, young and old, rich and poor regardless of any difference, religion or gender, race or state.

A humble reminder is “dust to dust, ashes to ashes”, the final state of all men. Why then dare any man consider himself better than another?

Respect begets respect!

Children are deemed in some cultural settings not to be “respected” and rather expected to “respect” adults and those in authority. The meaning of respect is clearly misunderstood in such scenarios. Respect means recognising and regarding. Like most words a spectrum that extends to admiration and highly esteeming.

Recognising another person is acknowledging their humanity, strengths and weaknesses included and where there may be undesirable characteristics or differences, the person is still regarded whilst the undesirable part appropriately addressed. A person is therefore not disrespected or abused because no matter how annoying the behaviour or qualities, respect gives due regard for the individual. The behaviour may not apparently qualify the person for respect but self respect enables one to exercise discernment and separate undesirable qualities from a person and treat them in a spirit of love.

Love may sometimes need to be tough and showing respect may require firmness, sternness or severing a relationship.

Respect all men then you may expect respect!

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