Keeping safe on busy roads is best ensured by staying in lane. It’s crazy to dart in and out from lane to lane without just cause- it increases risks of accidents! There sure are times when one needs to make frequent changes in life’s lanes – this is best done with not just eyes, but mind as well on road and plan.[wpvideo tUMh5r0Q ]Journeys differ, and vehicles too. Starting points are never fully same. Destinations for all are so different and similar goals may offer different roles. When roles are same, strengths vary too and so do all our weaknesses. It therefore shows there’s no exact match for each one’s trip on life’s highways.

It’s therefore best to stay in lane! As changing lanes, for no just cause, is a waste of time and energy! Your “slower” lane may take longer but give the break your dear brain needs. If your lane be fast, enjoy it too, you may be gaining time before the delaying diversion ahead. Whatever life brings enjoy your lane and not change lanes for envy’s sake.

SAIL – Stay Always In Lane!

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