Your Emotions Matter

Emotions are a natural part of human life. They can range from extreme happiness to extreme sadness, excitement to anxiety, and everything in between. If you or someone you know is struggling with their emotions, you can find helpful resources here.


Mind Health in Early Years

I understand the profound impact of early childhood experiences have on a children’s emotional and mental health. Our 'Mind Health in Early Years' program is dedicated to supporting children, parents, and caregivers during this critical developmental stage.


Mind Health For Parents

Training sessions and valuable resources are available for parents and caregivers. Our resources provide inspiration and empowerment to embrace the undeniable demands of parenting at different stages, for adolescents to evolve healthily.


Mind Health for Families

Our 'Mental Health for Families' program takes a holistic approach to supporting the well-being of families. Siblings, grand parents and relevant relatives are supported with our resources, towards promoting adolescent mental health.

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Mind Health for Educators

Educators play a pivotal role in the lives of students. At the same time, educators face unique challenges related to their mental health and well-being. Our educator programs are designed to provide educators with the resources and support they need to thrive both personally and professionally.


Mind Health for Young People in the Workplace

The transition from adolescence to the workplace can be a challenging time for young individuals, even when deemed “neurotypical”. Mental health concerns can arise as they navigate this critical phase of life. That's why we've developed 'Mind Health for Young People in the Workplace,' a specialized program designed to empower young professionals to thrive both personally and professionally.


Professional Development

We offer a range of professional development opportunities, including speaking, workshops and training sessions, to help teams better understand and address mental health challenges, towards thriving in their uniqueness and not just going through the motions of life at work or home life.

Self-care and Resilience: Our program emphasizes self-care practices and strategies for building resilience. We believe that by prioritizing their own mental health, educators can better support the well-being of their students.

Creating Supportive Classrooms: We provide tools and resources that help educators create supportive and inclusive classroom environments that foster positive mental health among students.

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Freedom Talks - Finding Me

Are you drowning in the demands of daily living, the aspirations of a better future with challenging thoughts of past “errors”? Join us in exploring routes and strategies to finding “you” and living a fulfilling life.


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Dr Wonuola Akintola was very approachable and warm when I asked her about speaking. She was timely and her communicative and presentation skills were excellent. Her slides were clear and she supplemented them with appropriate examples for better understanding. She answered all questions posed to her professionally and diligently. The feedback were very encouraging and I sure know I will be inviting her again. She is skilled in her specialty and she displayed empathy as well to the sensitive questions. Thank you so much Dr Akintola. You were indeed a light 💡 to many and we will be inviting you again
Dr Omosade Ogundare
Founder - Ezer Women Connect
Wonuolas’ sessions are highly engaging and interactive. She is skilled at breaking down complex concepts using simple everyday vocabulary. Her dedication to the well-being of children and women and her emphasis on the importance of fostering healthy relationships are evident in her sessions. Wonuola possesses a unique combination of expertise, compassion, and a genuine commitment to people. She is not just interested in treating symptoms but in understanding the underlying emotional and relational dynamics that contribute to overall mental health. What stands out most about Wonu is her ability to connect with children and women on a deep level. She creates a warm, safe, and non-judgmental environment that encourages open communication. She is a brilliant listener and communicator.
Folakemi Ikuyinminu

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