Signs of Life

Following a harsh winter, it was heart warming to see signs of a new season, warmer and brighter, signs of life as spring set in. Hopes of days out and about, in the coming months, brightened my face with a smile. Yay! Spring is here! Likewise, signs abound that may prepare us for things to come, or warning signs to avert danger. 

Signs of life come in various forms, positive and negative, and may be physical, mental, emotional or financial. Pain is an indicator of malfunctioning or trauma, and requires attention be paid to the related area to avoid complications. Pain could be emotional and help may then be needed from others to resolve the cause of the pain or other aporopriate measures put in place to ease the pain. 

Please do not disregard signs of life. Other signs could be feeling tired, a depressing bank statement, or positive signs like being elated or energetic. Positive signs need to be well managed as well, else a victory in an area could tip over to a damaging state. People have been known to have had financial breakthrough destroy them with the excitement of unanticipated earnings not well managed.

Signs of life need to be appropriately addressed to make life’s journey more rewarding and not depressing. 

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