She quickened her pace, fearful of being followed. The pursuing image was not giving up, though she desperately hoped it would. She was getting out of breath, wondered when this pursuit will end.


She suddenly decided to turn around, hoping if she changed direction it would end this terrifying drama. Shock mingled with her relief to find it was her shadow she had been running from.

It often helps to stop, be it for a rest to avoid burnout, to evaluate performance or a process and decide on next best steps or to stop a process completely if identified as futile or detrimental.

The holiday period helps to wind down from the ferris wheel of living. It is also a good time to stop and check what activities, relationships or engagements are healthy or detrimental to any aspect of our well-being.

What activities do you need to stop to avoid burn out? What relationships are detrimental to your health? How can you stop engaging in unhealthy habits?

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