Stress Less

Looking for something and getting all worked up is not an uncommon experience, only to find it in the most conspicuous place! My children laugh when I start looking for my reading glasses as they point out, “mum it’s on your head!” I have looked for it whilst I had it on!

Too often we drop some balls when we take on too many to juggle. Unfortunately the dropped balls may be the most important ones!! The planned activity has not started and the key balls are lost, frustration sets in, compounding underlying anxiety!  Joy is lost, fear gains more room, despair gets bigger- all for biting more than one can chew. Those we had hoped to care for are abandoned as the pressing need becomes managing distress before things get even worse.

One day at a time is not a bad idea!!

Taking on more than one is designed for is  stressful to the emotional and mental muscles, and detrimental to one’s whole well being!



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